Vest homework

Vest homework

It’s back to the homework – all in stockinette stitch and no color. Certainly  a big change from rainbow Kauni.

After double checking my body measurements, swatch gauge and pattern, I decided to do some re-drafting. As you can see I didn’t finish filling in the details before starting to knit. I’ll finish it later.

Sorry for the bad photo but this pattern is hard to photograph. The lines are drawn with a .3 drafting pencil and the light on my porch was not so good.

We were told to start off  with a provisional cast-on using a crochet chain made from red nylon waste string that Jean provided. I then proceeded to knit to the waist line, decreasing five stitches on each side. Once I reached the waist I knit straight (no increases or decreases) to the bust. This vest should fit comfortably around my large hips but also accommodate my proportionally smaller bust.

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