Back from Shetland

Fair Isle

Sorry for the long absence but I’ve been away on vacation in the UK. Each day was so packed with activities that I never got a chance find a computer. Yes, two whole weeks without logging on!

The first four days we drove around Mainland Shetland –  checked out the
summer festival, visited knitwear studios, bought yarn, visited
museums, enjoyed the scenery and observed the wildlife. I didn’t want to
leave but we had already arranged to meet up with up with family in
Inverness. For the next few days we stayed at B&B near Beauly and we drove around the highlands of Scotland and visited museums,  saw a sheep dog demonstration and soaked in more wonderful scenery. Then it was off to Edinburgh after dropping folks
off at the airport in Glasgow (two days after the attack). We spent three days in Edinburgh before heading on to London to see a Shakespeare play at the Globe and watch the start of
the Tour de France.

The photo was taken during our ferry ride from Lerwick to Aberdeen. It’s the closest that I got to Fair Isle.

I’m just now getting a chance to sort through my email and load photos. Stay tuned for more details.


11 thoughts on “Back from Shetland

  1. The next Japanese knitting class will be July 21 & 22. So, before then I need to finish up my homework and decide on yarn for the next project which I think is a round neck pullover with set in sleeves.


  2. Glad you all had a great trip! I too look forward to seeing all the pics from it!
    I’m going to be visiting the Shetlands in September. I’m looking forward to that. Hearing about where you went will give me more ideas of what to do there.
    Good luck with your homework. It’s looking good so far!


  3. I’m arranging the photos and hope to have them up soon. Hopefully I’ll get time this weekend to put them up despite having family over for the weekend. They called the day after I got home and mentioned that they’d like to stay with us this weekend. So now I have a house full of people.


  4. Hope you didn’t get soaked whilst soaking up the atmosphere! The weather here has been more miserable than usual! Sounds like a great trip! As a Scottish person living in Scotland I have never been to Orkney, Shetland or the Western Isles – I’d really love to get there one day!!


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