Another organizer

Gadget boxLike many knitters I’m always on the lookout for the perfect gadget holder. Here’s my latest find. Small enough to fit in my knitting bag but big enough to hold all my stitch markers, darning needles and a pair of folding scissors. Everything is safely stored in its individually covered  compartment. No more worries about spilling all those tiny pieces!

I got mine at Restoration Hardware (with fishing tackle included) but did an Internet search and found them at Cabela’s, minus the fishing stuff.

Over the past week I focused on getting the green top-down pullover finished.

When I last worked on it only the neck was left to do. I planned on a simple roll-neck version which in my mine should have only taken a hour at the most. However, without going into much detail, it wasn’t so simple. I have a knack for making such things way more difficult than they should be. Of course after  knitting several different versions I put the thing aside and swore I was going to leave it as is and not change a thing. It was time to move on.

A few weeks have passed and I started getting curious about those tight sleeves. I tried on the sweater again and the sleeves seemed even tighter than before. There was no question in my mind. The sleeves had to be rip out reknit with 2cm added to the width. That’s what I’m doing now.


9 thoughts on “Another organizer

  1. What a nifty box. I think I’ll check out the Joe’s (formerly GI Joe’s) in Northgate when I’m back in Seattle.
    I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for that class. I though about it, construction geek that I am, but it took me about five minutes to realize I couldn’t fit it in this year.


  2. Nice work on the vest, it looks great. The box was irresistible, I ordered one. I finished my vest, but can’t work on the next project until house guests leave the drying area free again(G).


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