Oh my

Round neck sleeve sewnI’m trying not to feel too overwhelmed.

Two more class sessions = tons more homework.

Full of enthusiasm, I picked up the round neck pullover on Monday evening.

Once again this darn panda cotton made a relatively simple task turn into an ordeal. Its tiny plies easily unravel and then mysteriously squish together further down the piece of yarn I used to crochet the sleeve to the body. Yes, I should have used a different yarn for seaming but, heck, I want to use up the left overs.

Speaking of left overs. I have seven more skeins of this panda cotton!

I’m a bit puzzled as to how this happened. I expected one or two extra skeins, but seven? I used The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements  when buying the yarn so, either I inadvertently looked at the wrong figure in the pamphlet or their estimates are much too generous. Whether or not I made a mistake, I still think their charts are very generous. I do recall having two extra skeins left over after finishing my raglan.

v-neck sleeve with cap

After Monday the homework pace slowed down.

I did manage to sort through my notes and gather all my calculations on the raglan sweater so that I can start working on my “design notes” booklet. This is a thin paper notebook that was provided on the first day of class and will be used to jot down the final details of each project. Now that we’ve finished a couple of garments, Jean has asked us to turn in our first two projects along with our design notes. I’ll post a picture of this “design notes” notebook when I get the first entry finished.

Although I had more company this weekend I managed to get one of the sleeve caps of the v-neck sweater done. I know it looks odd but keep in mind that it’s not blocked yet.

4 thoughts on “Oh my

  1. Marti, I did stitch the steeks with the sewing machine and used a zig-zag stitch. I recommend doing it especially if you don’t mind sewing and it’s your first time doing steeks. It will give you more confidence when you cut the fabric.


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