Design Notes

v-neck notes

Our final task for each garment is to add it to our “design note” book and let Jean review it along with our  garment.

Here’s my entry for the vest.

Besides reproducing a 1/4 scale drawing of the pattern we also note gauge, needle size, measurements and add a photo.

I followed the format found in many Japanese knitting books. Essentially, most of the details needed to knit the garment can be found within the chart. That includes measurements, stitch/row counts and decrease notations.

Japanese books always note decreases in the same format: rows – stitches – times. Read these notations from bottom to top as if knitting the garment. For example here are my decreases for the shoulder slope.

This “design note” book and 1/4 scale ruler was supplied by Jean and came from Japan.  Each page is a 1/4 scale grid with every square representing 1cm. We draw our chart using a special 1/4 scale ruler which also includes .5cm marks as well as 1cm marks.

I don’t think this handy booklet is available in the US.

By the way, I enjoy working in the metric system and can’t understand why the US doesn’t dump the Imperial system.

8 thoughts on “Design Notes

  1. Thanks so much for this update. I really appreciate your explanation of the number sequence for decreasing. It will be helpful when I want to use yarn with a different gauge from the pattern.
    You are right about the metric system. It would be more precise for gauge issues.
    Thanks again.


  2. Looks great. I’m always looking to you for inspiration on getting my homework done!
    As always, I’m inspired. Thanks for the weekly updates so I can keep my motivation high!


  3. Your diagrams are beautiful. I am knitting furiously so that I will have time to do the diagrams and all. (Truth be known, I prefer knitting to diagrams). It is nice to see that it can be done…


  4. Hi again,
    I think you meant ‘Read the notations for the decreases/increases from bottom to top.’
    You wrote : “Read these notations from top to bottom as if knitting the garment.”


  5. Your project book looks fantastic! Inspirational, Melinda–and I need every bit of inspiration that I can find to meet the deadlines on all of this homework!
    Very nice work, and BTW, totally agree on the metric system.


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