Deep v

v neck frontv neck back

Almost completed the first side of the V, but guess what?

Yes, I’m going to rip back to the under arm bind offs.

I forgot to decrease an extra stitch on the first set of armhole bind offs. You see, the front has two more stitches than the back so that the stitch pattern lines up correctly at the side seams. If I don’t decrease the extra stitches then the pattern won’t match at the shoulders.

Yes, that is being picky but hey, I think I’ve always been part of the slow knit movement.

Got the latest JJill catalog the yesterday. Looks like one of their designers is having fun with his/her Japanese stitch pattern books. Check out this pullover.

Only 11 more days until Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat!

2 thoughts on “Deep v

  1. The list of designers at that Madrona event is impressive! I wish I could attend. Hope you provide us with details after.
    Thank you so much with another update about your course! I am enjoying them so much!


  2. Melinda, I ripped back to the armhole decreases, 3 times (!) final success on the 4th attempt after I finally figured out why the shoulders didn’t match! Slow knit movement vs. slow learner (me)…. {:-)


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