v day

v-neck front completeIt now ready for the ribbing around the torso and the arms.

Instead of picking up stitches from the provisional cast-on , I’ll be knitting the band separately and then grafting it onto the garment.  This is all in a effort to get the single knit stitches in the pattern on the body to line up with the ribbing stitches.

Yes it would have been much easier to start off with ribbing but …

This week I’ll be working on new arms for the round neck pullover. Turns out that the 3/4 length sleeves are just too short and too tight.

Round neck cardi

The fifth garment must be started soon. Here’s my swatch for that. Good old Cascade 220 Heathers.
This one will became a round neck cardigan.

Looking forward to finding out what Jean does with buttonholes.

2 thoughts on “v day

  1. Beautiful! And I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that you take the time to post about the technical details of your projects. Not too many bloggers do that anymore and I always learn something from you. So thanks! And happy V Day.


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