Mind the tails

SophieFor the past couple of days I’ve been sitting at the dinning room table diligently sewing the arms onto the round neck pullover. Occasionally one or the other  feline would jumped in the middle of the operation to “ask” if I needed any help. As I worked on securing all the loose yarn ends, a small pile of yarn bits developed. After the operation was finished all bits were promptly thrown into the garbage bin.

Well, this morning I awoke to see one of the silliest things … a 20cm piece of Panda Cotton hanging out of Sophie’s rear end. Paul couldn’t help but laugh until I explained how serious this problem could be. I’ve heard this type of incident can be a life threatening ordeal. I was a bit horrified. I’ve always tried to be very diligent about not leaving yarn lying around, especially bits and pieces.

After a bit of Internet research we decide to call the animal hospital to see what they’d recommend. After all she was still being her precocious self with no signs of vomiting or discomfort. Of course, the animal hospital recommend we bring her in.

Round neck pullover So what can a vet do in this situation? I think she as puzzled about this predicament as we were. Since Sophie seemed normal the only thing that could be done was to take x-rays to check the intestines for any abnormalities. After 15 minutes of waiting the x-rays were finished and everything looked OK. At that point we could really only monitor the situation, give her a dose of laxative and take her back at the first sign of any problems.

Fortunately, several hours after our hospital visit Sophie pooped. A quick check of the rear showed no evidence of yarn.  We sifted through her stool and saw what looked like the rest of the yarn.

So, here’s a word of advice for knitters with feline companions. Be ever so diligent about yarn tails, because you never know where they’ll end up.

On another note, I’m so happy finally have this one finished. Besides th incident with Sophie, it was a minor ordeal getting the pieces together with this loosely plied yarn.

9 thoughts on “Mind the tails

  1. I had a similar problem once with one of my cats and the string which had been around a rolled roast.
    A quick trip to the vet later, I have since wrapped anything so tempting in a bag before putting it into the rubbish.
    Very glad it all came out all right in the end 😀


  2. I love Sunday night. I know you’ll post!
    Good advice. I laughed – “Be ever so diligent about yarn tails, because you never know where they’ll END(my emphasis) up” 🙂 I know it was probably worrisome and I’m glad it all turned out ok.
    The round neck pullover looks great. Fits perfectly! I know how frustrating that yarn was. I’m glad you have it *behind* you now! hee hee
    Good luck with homework!


  3. Hi,
    Good to hear your cat is well after the excitement! And promising to hear you actually manage knit with cats in the room – I’ve had a cat for couple months now and since then have basically stopped knitting. It is impossible as she thinks knitting it’s a game for her! (hand sewing is even worse!)
    I came across to your blog just recently and find it very interesting. I’m doing research on tourism and the internet in Shetland. Reading your description of your trip to Shetland was nice. It made me wonder how many people there are who travel to Shetland because of their interest in Fair Isle knitting… any ideas? 🙂


  4. The sweater looks WONderful on you and the fit is perfecto. Miss you at Ferals! My corgi once ate the nether regions out of a pair of hubby’s tighty whities that had been lobbed toward the hamper but missed – fabric bits in the poop for days – I was so worried – no fun matching the pieces up after they’ve been digested to see if you’ve gotten it all back! Cats are so investigative! You could get a lidded trash can and put a rock or other weight on it…


  5. I know that anxiety. One of our cats once chewed and swallowed 2 feet of rafia. Luckily, I’d seen the very end of the incident and taken another piece away, so when she started vomitting I called the vet and threw her in the car.
    The fit on that sweater is outstanding. I’ll have to reread to remind myself which yarn you used and why I should avoid it.


  6. This once happened to my brother’s cat (after spending a week at my house, ahem), only the yarn was longer than 20 cm. and it was a bit, er, soiled. Then the cat chased it around my brother’s apartment, putting, as he said, “racing stripes” on everything in the place.
    The cat was fine but my brother never liked me much after that….
    Great knitting, by the way. You are remarkably prolific!


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