Halfway point

v-neck pullover done

The most difficult garment to date is finally finished.

Remaining projects:

– Round neck cardigan
75% finished, only 1.5 sleeves to finish + button band

Would have been much further if I hadn’t miscalculated the sleeve increase and noticed the problem after knitting half of one sleeve.

– V-neck cardigan
Knitting not started (even though half should be done).

– Crochet vest
Have no idea what I’ll do with this one. I know that some folks are very sensitive when knitters offer negative comments about crochet … but honestly, I’ve yet to see a crochet garment that I’d like to make or wear.

– Own design
Mulling over several ideas

8 thoughts on “Halfway point

  1. I love looking at the work that you’ve been doing, it seems like a fantastic course. I just wanted to suggest that you try out the crochet patterns using different sizes of hooks, it can really change how the pattern turns out.


  2. Looks absolutely awesome!
    It must feel good to have it done! Yay!
    I’m plugging away – slowly but surely…although I won’t have all my homework done for next week!


  3. Wow, that sweater is lovely – it fits you so well and looks better than anything you could purchase in a store. Keep up the complicated projects…it gives me hope that someday I can move beyond boxy baby sweaters!


  4. Wow! Melinda, that pattern really looks wonderful! I love your work. I, too, will not have all of the homework done, in spite of many marathon knitting sessions-see you Saturday.


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