One step back

Vneck_cardi_colorCan’t believe I fell for this mistake again.

I was nearly finished with the back of the v-neck cardigan and noticed a slight color difference between a fresh ball of yarn and the last one. I immediately scanned the piece under better lighting and sure enough, there was a noticeable change in shade farther down the knitted piece.  To confirm my suspicions I pulled out the ball bands from the already used yarn. Arraugh!!!, I had just used a rogue ball of yarn from a different dye lot!

On a happier note, Jean was in town this weekend so I stopped by to get help with the last for stitches of the round neck cardigan button bands. That’s done. Now I just have to sew on 10 buttons.

6 thoughts on “One step back

  1. Aloha!
    NNNooooooooo! I was worried about doing that with my round-neck cardi because I did have one ball that was a different dye lot I used for my swatch. I was so careful about keeping it away from the other ones because…I’d done that before. I am so sorry!!! Are you going to take it out??? 😦
    Besides all that, the pattern is gorgeous!
    Is that Mittens I see in the photo??
    Glad Jean helped you out…email me and let me know yesterday went..


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