Blue skies

Roundneckcardigan Finally a full day of sunshine and blue skies.

This one was a joy to knit mostly because I encountered very few problems.  But, there are two things that bother me about the finished garment. First, my row gauge was off so it’s about 1.5cm too long (including the sleeves) and second, it seems to look totally different on me when I look at it in my bathroom mirror. This photo makes it look bulky on me.

KarenJo asked if I would demonstrate the buttonhole next time SKG has mini classes. Sure, I’ll do that if I’m available then.

Now it’s on to the v-neck cardigan. The back is finished and the right front is nearly half done. The button band on this one will be knit vertically and then sewn on.

Only two more weeks until our next class. As always, there’s so much to do and so little time.

Oh, those feet in the photo last week belong to Mittens, the one who can’t resist sitting on my knitting.

v neck cardigan back

3 thoughts on “Blue skies

  1. I love the sweater; the colour, the pattern and the fit are fantastic! I have been watching (okay lurking) your progress and it is so professionally done, you must be so proud!


  2. You are doing an incredible job on those knitted garments! When I think of knitting a sweater, I think in terms of finishing it in a year or so!! And here you have done so many for a class. All I can say is great job – WOW!


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