Thoughts on the final project

It’s been a knitting marathon this weekend. The front two pieces of the v-neck cardigan are drying while I work on the vertical button band.

Sleeves are on the back burner until I finish the crochet swatch and draw patterns for the next two projects.

Nope, I haven’t picked up the crochet project yet but will soon. Nothing fancy with that one. Just a simple child size vest in double crochet.
Jennifer's cardigan

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about for my final project.

Inspired by my co-worker’s sweater I’d like to make a notched collar jacket. My “napkin sketch” is below.



Final project napkin sketch

Since I won’t have much time to knit this project the body will most likely be in stockinette with 2×2 ribbing for the collar and lower edge. I recently bought Jo Sharp Silk Road DK that I’d like to use but I’m not sure if it might be too rustic for this design.

It will be interesting to see what Jean thinks about this idea.

One thought on “Thoughts on the final project

  1. Well I can’t comment on the Jo Sharp yarn, I have never used it, but I like your napkin drawing.
    I have really enjoyed your updates with this course.


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