So close

v neck cardi almost done
This one is ready for the next class when we’ll finish sewing the band to  the neck.

Of course I still need to sew on the buttons.


It’s so hard to put it aside with so little to do. Oh well.Crochetvestchart_3While I’m still pondering my final project I finished the drawing assignment for the crochet project.

Jean asked us to trace the upper portion of the front and back onto tracing paper, add a grid and then draw stitches onto the grid near the armhole and neck.

My tracings look quite messy with all those smudge marks.

Can’t wait to see what she wants us to do with this.

My ideas for the final project are coming together after searching far and wide for inspiration. Time is running out so this week I need to start finalizing the pattern drafting and start knitting.

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