Final stretch

Final project swatchGosh, as each week passes I never seem to accomplish as much as I had hoped.  This week I was aiming to have one or more garment pieces finished but have instead just finished drafting the pattern and casting on the first piece. At least I can say I’ve decided on the final details.

Most of the garment will be in plain old stockinette except for the ribbing and collar which will be in mistaken rib. All very easy to accomplish in a limited time frame. The collar is going to be the challenging part.

It’s so sad that this wonderful yarn has been discontinued. While knitting the stockinette swatch I started dreaming about incorporating cables into my design but gave up that effort a few days ago. The clock is ticking. It’s time to get started in earnest with our final class is only  six weeks away.

Really the one true difficulty I’ve have with this class is coming up with ideas. I’m perpetually wishing, “if I only had more time”.  Honestly I look forward to getting back to knitting on my own schedule, letting ideas evolve naturally.  Hey wait!  Come to think of it, most of my knitting ideas never really did evolve into full blown projects. Perhaps that’s because I had no deadlines. That’s partly true but also I didn’t have the pattern drafting skills that I have today.

3 thoughts on “Final stretch

  1. I think it is incredible how many garments you
    have made during this class! When I think of
    sweaters, I think in months or maybe years – and here you have done how many! Way to go!


  2. I wish I could do a similar course. But for now I must concentrate on bringing up the little one.
    Also wanted to drop by and let you know that I have a free Elizabeth Zimmerman book on offer. Come visit me and see.


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