More crochet

Crochet vest
Our seventh project is a crochet vest. Being a crochet novice, I opted to make a toddler sized one. Mine will fit an average four year old Japanese toddler.

We spent all day Saturday learning how to chart decrease stitches around the curved areas of the vest. While the body of the garment is worked in double crochet, the curved edges are made up of a variety of stitches (single, double or slip) depending on the size of stitch needed.

As you can see in the chart below each stitch is carefully charted onto the curved areas.  Unlike knitting, each row can have different types of decrease stitches.

Crochet back graph
It’s an interesting technique and to be honest very intimidating for a
crochet novice like me. I barely know the difference between half
double and double crochet.Here’s a closer view of the left armhole after I filled in all the stitches. This one isn’t quite finished. I still have to sew up the sides and add a single crochet edge to the neck, armholes and lower edge.

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