Plugging along

Final project progressThanks for all the kind comments and encouragement. Everything came to a head last week. It’s so easy to get caught up in getting these projects finished that other responsibilities get neglected. After much reflection, the answer is to make sure to maintain proper balance and not go overboard.

I’ve been forging ahead on the final project managing to nearly complete three pieces of the final project – two sleeves and the back.  I would have like to have designed a more complicated garment but considering the time frame (five weeks) stockinette and 2×2 ribbing will have to suffice.

The most complicated part of this garment will be the notched collar attached to the diagonal openings of the two front pieces. I had hoped to use mistaken rib for the ribbing portions but Jean said it wouldn’t work well with the short rows that will be used when working the collars. She suggested switching to 2×2 rib instead. I’m don’t quite understand why short rows only work with certain stitch patterns but I’ll soon find out.

2 thoughts on “Plugging along

  1. When you figure out proper balance, please please share. I see it zooming past me, but recognize it only when it’s long gone. I’d love to catch it on the approach and hang onto it.


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