Name this stitch

Latvian mitten band

Have any idea what this stitch is called?

It’s ribbing on a mitten in the Latvian exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Michale, Naomi and I took a break from knitting to see the mittens on display. They’re all truly amazing.

Work continues on the NV final project.

Did I say how glad I was that I chose simple stitch patterns?

Today I’m finishing the right front so that I can start sewing all the pieces together tomorrow.


With fingers crossed flying, I’m hoping to get it done before class in a couple of weeks.

Besides knitting I’ve been busy jogging. Yesterday was a milestone – six miles! Won’t mention how long it took.

I’m following a marathon training schedule. Who knows, maybe I’ll run a marathon in 2009. Can’t be any more difficult then finishing my NV homework.

7 thoughts on “Name this stitch

  1. I got a good laugh out of the NV homework compared to running a marathon!
    You got a really good photo of that stitch on those mittens! Thanks for suggesting a visit to the museum…another project to add to the Ravelry queue!
    Good luck with homework!


  2. OK, so I’m standing with my head upside down to peer at these stitches. . . . I don’t recognize it as something in particular, but it seems to involve alot of k2tog.
    I’ve recently done a sock-top that looks a bit like that, with Yo/k2tog on alternate rounds, yielding a slanting bias all over, but those museum mittens don’t have eyelets like my sock-top does. Perhaps it’s just a different increase?


  3. Did you get a pic of the reverse? I think it must be knitted ‘double’ by taking the yarn over a stitch or a slipped stitch to get the effect. In that case it would be extra thick and reversible.


  4. There are a couple of stitch patterns in Barbara Walker #1 that look similar and I’m almost certain it’s the Plaited Basket Stitch on p.118. The other one is Crochet-Knit Cross Stitch on p.106. She doesn’t say why it has crochet in it’s name – it has nothing to do with crochet. I’ve seen the Plaited Basket Stitch used on something (brain fails me as to what) and have thought someday I should do a swatch. So I guess I’ll have to try it. Looks like something you wouldn’t want to be knitting acres of.
    It’s definitely not nalbinding.
    The Latvian exhibit IS great.


  5. did you make the blocking net? I’d like to know how to make one of those! it look very useful since the bottom can air out.
    I like the slip stitch pattern too, especially in color works!


  6. You could run the Paris or London Marathon in April 2009. As long as you stick to the training, a marathon is in your sights! Well-worth it too!


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