Final project redux


Gosh, last week sure went fast. Too much to do and so little time.

I only managed to rip out both lapels and re-knit one. Sorry that  I gave the impression that I was going to reconfigure collar/lapels, but actually I’m just redoing what I did before but this time with more care.

After I knit the other lapel I’ll sew the top of each lapel to the collar (where the ends near the neck line meet) for a few inches. That might help give the lapels more stability.

One thing I’ve learned from this project is that 2×2 rib and notched collars don’t go well together. This ribbing has a tendency to bunch up, making the top edge pull in and also sag.

I still haven’t definitively figured out why mistaken rib wouldn’t work with short rows. I’ve been meaning to give it a try but … can’t find the time. This weekend I mentioned the mistake rib thing to another very knowledgeable student and her conclusion was that in certain patterns short rows might make columns of stitches become unaligned. Makes sense but I think I still need to try it out to fully understand.

Oh and for inquiring minds, those things in the bowls (last week) were morel mushrooms. We ended up drying all of them. Eventually they’ll end up in  soups, pasta and risotto.

2 thoughts on “Final project redux

  1. That sweater is really neat looking, you don’t see a lot of notched collars on knitwear. I can’t wait to see the whole thing completed and modeled 🙂


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