Finally a picture. Really it’s not an easy thing to do with a
disinterested photographer. Got to go back to taking my own photos.

After all that whining I ended up signing up for year two. Classes start first weekend in October. I’m trying to remember all the projects we’ll be doing. Here’s a list but it might not be accurate.

puffy sleeves
dolman sleeve
raglan strip
crochet collar

Lots of traditional garments. Makes one wonder what techniques we’ll be using and whether Jean’s/Nihon Vogue’s will be much different.

There’s so little time to get non-knitting projects finished. Just went to the fabric store yesterday and picked up fabric to redo some chair cushions.

I’m still jogging. Nine miles for my long run last weekend. This weekend I get to take it easy, only six miles.

9 thoughts on “Peacock

  1. Oh, your final project is so wonderful! After all your work, it sure looks great!
    What an interesting new class schedule.
    I am looking forward to you keeping us updated, hopefully, like you did in year 1.
    I’ll be watching your progress.


  2. I’m here for the knitting… I really like the projects you make. I’m also curious about the jogging though; you said it was a marathon training schedule. Is it posted online somewhere? How much time does it take out of your life? And what I really want to know is, would it help me lose those 30 lbs that I can’t seem to shed?!


  3. slimdotter,
    It is online ->
    a Nova PBS special.
    According to the show, only one person lost weight because she was on a strict diet at the same time.
    So far I’ve lost about 5 pounds but it wasn’t easy. I try to eat sensibly, run 5 times a week including a long run once a week.
    Timewise it takes about ~45 minutes for the short runs and a few hours for the long run. I’m not very fast.
    I’m hoping to loose more weight so we’ll see if it works for me.


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