Shaped lace tee swatches

Tshirt_swatch Yesterday I jogged 11 miles and it took forever. Had just enough energy to eat dinner and then promptly fell asleep on the couch while watching TV.

Earlier this week I knitted a couple of swatches for my next project, Krista. I’ll modify it so that I can use it for my first project of year two (Nihon Vogue). Besides making necessary adjustments for my measurements, I’ll be adding poofy sleeves (a class requirement).

The first yarn is Classic Elite Provence. Not sure if I like it. Love the off-white creamy color but the yarn is a bit stiff. The stockinette part looks ok but the decreases stick out giving me the impression that the lace pattern in Krista might not look good with this yarn.


The other yarn is Panda Silk DK. A lovely bamboo, wool, silk mix with perfect drape. I’d love to use it but despite what the label says, it knits up like a fingering weight yarn. This time I’m staying away from fingering weight.

What I really want is a cotton silk blend that’s not too expensive.

4 thoughts on “Shaped lace tee swatches

  1. Have you considered the Jaggerspun Zephyr DK? I saw that the pattern link is from Sarah’s Yarns. She carries the Zephyr at reasonable prices.


  2. I will be very interested in watching how you determine your yarn and the changes you make to the pattern. This pattern is one that I’ve got on my To Do List. I too want to make some modifications so watching/learning from what you do will be helpful. Thank you for posting about it.


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