Spinning out of control

Woolgatherings_corriedaleFinally got out my wheel and finished plying this roving that was spun last year. I tried to control the color by splitting the roving lengthwise, hoping I’d end up with my own Kauni type yarn. No such luck.

Hey, check out this pocket wheel. Doug was up at Village Yarn and Tea letting people try it out. Like many that night I was smitten and got on the waiting list. Thanks Naomi!

2 thoughts on “Spinning out of control

  1. The spinning looks great…been awhile, huh?
    I finished up what I started at VY&T today. It is nice to get some time on the wheel!
    Yes, we can bring our pocket wheel’s to Nihon and relax during lunch break! 🙂


  2. Never mind that it’s not like kauni, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s totally unique! Anyone can go out and buy a ball of kauni, but what you have there, nobody else in the world will ever have. This is what I tell myself when my spinning comes out differently to how I expected, but is still a fabulous length of yarn. I must get back to my wheel soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


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