Always playing catch up

Aran_swatch The last few weeks have been challenging. I’m  trying to keep up with my knitting projects/homework but other issues keep popping up. Finally, I have a few moments to post a picture of my Aran swatch.

The full saxon braid on the left will be the center of the sweater.  The smaller one on the far right will be on the center of the sleeve. The XO patterns between the saxon braids on the swatch will be on either side of the full saxon braid.  The sides will be filled in with double moss stitch.

I was going to make set-in sleeves but changed my mind after realizing that doing so would probably mean that the last one of the OX columns would get cut off if I didn’t make some adjustments. Instead of changing the stitch pattern configuration, I’ll go ahead and redraft the pattern to include  2cm to the upper body and modifying the sleeve to be a modified drop-shoulder.

And here’s my other homework.

Six swatches neatly blocked with various notes about the blocking process.

Also, for the other class, I have the outline of my body ready to go.

These two classes should be very interesting.

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