Better the second time

Aran_sleeve1 This is the second try. The first one had a couple of cables crossed the wrong way and I didn’t like how I spaced the increases.

One thing to note about this sleeve is that the saxon braid is not centered on the piece. There’s about 1cm more on the right side than the left. According to Jean the front part of the shoulder panel should sit  about 1cm more towards the front.  So with my Aran sleeve which has a 7cm panel, 4cm of it will be on the front and 3cm will be the back. Unfortunately my notes don’t say why we need to do this. I’ll ask when we have our next class.

4 thoughts on “Better the second time

  1. I love reading about your design process. It looks like this sweater is going to be fantastic. I’ll be interested in the answer to why the sleeve should be offset toward the front.
    Thanks for the great postings!


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