Possibilities are endless

First off the gansey is ready for class.


Now it’s on to the lopi style sweater.

Yesterday I drafted a pattern for a sweater with a large yoke. I used these swatches to more accurately determine the height of the yoke.


The design is from Aftur in Lopi Book No. 25. Of course as with any design like this, the possible color combinations are endless. Mine is inspired by several other Aftur projects I saw on Ravelry. I’m sure I’ll change up the color arrangements again but will stick with a grey/white/black/magenta color scheme.

Well I’m off to adjust my Lopi pattern again … going to trimming off a couple of centimeters of ease. Less ease + big needles = a lot less knitting. Maybe I’ll have it ready for our next session.

Oh, and about those sheep. They’re for meat and won’t be around past fall. It’s sad but not my choice. Hubby’s been watching shows on how to raise your own food and he’s kicked it up a notch … from just a small summer garden to getting involved in sheep for meat.

4 thoughts on “Possibilities are endless

  1. From a garden to a flock — that IS “kicking it up a notch”!
    Way to go on the gansey! Nice pattern-symmetry.
    I would think you’d need a tightly spun yarn to make the patterns look their best. What yarn did you use? Did you like it/find it effective for this application?


  2. Just want you to know that I really like the knitting that you have been doing. You are just great!!! Can’t wait to see the lopi.


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