Still knitting

Aran_back_finished This Aran has been sitting around for months waiting for the sleeves to be sewn on and the collar added. Finally, it’s finished and ready to turn in.

The Aran was neglected while I worked on this yoke pullover that needs to be ready for the next class. Here’s what the yoke will look like.

There are two other projects in the works, a capelet in this stitch pattern and a Cowichan cardigan.

On top of all this knitting, I’m training for another half marathon.

It’s been a busy summer.

14 thoughts on “Still knitting

  1. Beautiful!!! I love how the patterns compliment each other, and the wide cable running across the shoulder and down the sleeve is masterful! Can we see a front view?


  2. The sweater is beautiful, but I am most impressed by the great fit. I can make a lovely sweater, but not one that really fits – or at any rate, not very often. Usually too big.


  3. Miss your posts. Have enjoyed following your progress in your Nihon Vogue class and your travels and other knitting. Hope you return soon with more projects.


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