Set in Sleeve Seam & Interweave Knits Update


One sleeve is now attached to the body of the sweater. Like always I looked at several books before doing this. I think “Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques” by Nancy Wiseman has the best description and diagram for this technique*.

This armhole is larger than the sleeve so I carefully pinned the two pieces before starting to sew the seam. I made sure to well-measured stitches, keeping in mind that I needed to fit the “large” armhole to the sleeve. Nancy’s book says that the proportion of sleeve stitches to shoulder rows is 3 to 4. I found that it was more like 2 to 4 on this sweater. Nancy’s book also mentions to start from the shoulder seam, which really works well. This makes it much easier to fit the armhole to the sleeve.

After subscribing to Interweave Knits last Saturday I asked Pam Allen if I could get the subscriber code for the new subscriber only section. She sent me one today and I just zipped through the web site a couple of minutes ago. There are quite a few free patterns (most from old issues), a sock and crochet column, an extensive illustrated glossary and “Beyond the Basics” columns.

*I don’t have Vogue Knitting.

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