Subscriber-Only, Not !

I just saw the winter issue of Interweave Knits at a local bookstore. Anyone can access the “subscriber-only” site; the code is printed on the second page of the magazine!

If I didn’t already subscribe I would have bought this issue. I especially like Marcel’s Sweater by Véronik Avery and Uptown Boot Socks by Jennifer L. Appleby. There’s also an article by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, which describes a new intarsia in the round technique. I still think they should have put Annie Modesitt’s sweater in this issue. They could have bumped Three for the Road (simple hat, scarf and fingerless mitts), the Granny Square Pullover and Knitting Behind Bars. Maybe they are hoping to get some of those inmates to subscribe.

One thought on “Subscriber-Only, Not !

  1. I am having trouble with wool catching on a circular needle near the join of plastic/metal, any suggestions, I do not knit tightly.


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