Deciphering Instructions

td_pickup_front.jpg After the collar was finished I started the shoulder panels. I wasn’t paying enough attention to where I started these panels and realized half way through that my stitch pattern was off. I ripped out them out and started over. Now I’m back on track and will start working the front.

I’ve been somewhat puzzled over the directions at this point. The lace stitch is now worked flat and the pattern says, “Patt st is mirrored with 3 end sts when working back and forth (flat)”. The stitch guide on the pattern also says, “multiples of 5 + 3”. I’ve surmised that I should work 3 knit stitches on each side of the front. The rest will be in pattern. I confirmed with The Principles of Knitting that directions for lace patterns will frequently list the number of stitches by saying, “multiples of X + X “. The number after the plus sign refers to selvedge or edge stitches.

Design Inspiration

While Christmas shopping this morning I came across a wonderful store called Pavo Real that sells beautiful sweaters. new_sweater This particular sweater caught my eye. Although it is shaped like a traditional Scandinavian cardigan, the design has a more oriental arabesque favor which is accented with a tassel zipper pull. The maker is Icelandic Designs.

One thought on “Deciphering Instructions

  1. como puedo hacer para obtener la traducción al castellano (español) de estas instrucciones de tejido yo no entiendo inglés y me gusta mucho tejer soy de argentina y me llamo Beatriz gracias


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