More Deciphering


Knitting instructions can be so confusing.

After carefully examining the photos included with the pattern and working the first row on paper, I realized that I was on the wrong track when I thought the three end stitches should be knit stitches. I’m not sure why the author mentions, “Patt st is mirrored with 3 end sts …”. The stitch pattern works out just fine if started as listed in the stitch pattern section.

Actually most of the instructions seem to be quite clear. It is very helpful of author/publisher to include several photos pointing out the various sections of the sweater. It’s rare for a magazine pattern to have more than one photo for a pattern. INKnitter’s magazine seems to give more detailed instructions then the other knitting magazines.

3 thoughts on “More Deciphering

  1. I know! Magazines should have one ‘artistic’ photo and one photo that shows exactly what the garment is shaped like and how it fits…. sometimes with Interweave Knits I suspect that they’ve safety-pinned things in the back. Even vague photographs I wouldn’t mind if they would just have SCHEMATICS! Jeez.


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