10 thoughts on “Stop the press, late breaking news …

  1. Description says it doesn’t include the hard drive. Regardless of provenance, and regardless of how good a computer it was 15 years ago, and regardless of who owned it, of exactly what use is it? It takes up an entire desk top — that’s a really large tchotchke. Initial bid of 10 pounds, plus 30 pounds for shipping? (not international shipping, either) Sorry, Alice, take it to a hazardous waste facility and save us all the bandwidth.


  2. omg you’ve GOT to be kidding. the thing is even missing the HD (though no surprise there, she’d never risk someone repairing the drive and getting precious data off of it).
    i love the positioning “a piece of knitting history”. ha!


  3. I guess I don’t know what to think, other than it’s a joke (especially since it has a reserve) or it’s an experiment to see how her fans will react.
    I’m sure we’ll never know who actually listed it for sale, although if it gets pulled I would suspect that it’s not authorized by her.


  4. Yes, that would be the best clue. She has most things pulled, so if not then she must be in on it. It’s a pretty new account and doesn’t show, by other purchases, in exactly what sort of things the person is interested, except some videos and pieces of leather.


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