In memory

A couple of months ago I had the good fortune to come across one of those rare out of print knitting books that certain knitters hope to find and only dream about buying. As you might imagine, I could hardly contain my excitement as I pulled the book off the shelf and started flipping through the pages. Straight away, I came across this book plate on the the very first page and was unexpectedly touched it’s message.

This knitter’s book has indeed given me much enjoyment and I’m grateful to her family for honoring her memory by making it available to others. It’s such a tender and touching way to keep her memory alive.

3 thoughts on “In memory

  1. I recognize that label! I see it quite a bit in knitting books I borrow from the library here in Olympia. I think I enjoy those books even more knowing the sentiment behind them.


  2. Yes Denise,
    It was a book from that library system. Wow, her husband must have donated lots of books. You’re lucky to have access to such a good collection of knitting books.


  3. I still think that is the most touching thing. I’ve asked my SO if he’ll do that when I pass on. He was all for doing it now, but ya know…:)


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