Roscalie Vest


It’s done. I’m happy!

If I had it to do over there’s are two changes I would have changed.

1. Work the decreases at the v-neck and under arms the opposite way as Eunny describes here. I remember reading about this in Anne Feitelson’s book but forgot until I pulled out her book to refresh my memory on tacking down the cut seams. Mine are OK and many folks won’t notice a difference. I checked Starmore’s book on this but found nothing.

2. Go down one needle size. My swatch was right on but overall I’m slightly off gauge.

What’s next?

The Kauni cardigan by Ruth of course. Here’s the swatch. Don’t look to closely because I made a few mistakes while reading the chart. It’s pretty much on gauge with 3.5 mm needles.


All wound and ready to go. An alternative cure for seasonal affective disorder.

26 thoughts on “Roscalie Vest

  1. You are an inspiration to me. The time and care you take in your knitting is amazing. I hope you rub off on me more because…well….you inspire me to be a better knitter!!! I’m lucky to have gotten to see this in person. It is absolutely gorgeous!


  2. The vest is just wonderful.
    Thank you very much for the tips about decreasing for fairisle.
    I agree, those new yarns should help cure SAD, the colours are beautiful.
    Thank you for your inspiring updates.


  3. Love your vest. Fabulous knitting!
    Now the important questions where did you order the yarn for the Kauni Pattern? I understnad it is difficult to order….HELP


  4. the Roscalie looks wonderful; I’m moving right along on Ruth’s cardi with my Kauni – your swatch looks just like my start, which can be seen on my blog!
    we should keep in touch to check our progress, yes?


  5. Beautiful vest! I found your site by googling yarn stores and europe (or something close to that). I’m curious about the Kaumi yarn. It’s gorgeous, and I’m wondering if you know any places it might be sold in Europe besides the store you mentioned in northern Germany. I’ll be going to Cologne and then Delft in a few months, and then Helsinki and Moscow later in the summer. From what I’ve read, it sounds like not all yarn shops carry the same brands in Europe. Also, with the tax charged for in-person purchases, is it smarter just to order it online? Thanks!


  6. Thanks for all the comments about the vest. It took so long but it’s finally done!
    The reason I mentioned going down a needle size is that the vest is a bit bigger than what you seen in the photo. Notice I’m holding it tight at the waist? There’s actually a couple of more inches of ease then what you see. Sorry for the trick photography.
    I got some of the Kauni yarn from but have heard through the grapevine that they’re no longer shipping to the US. Don’t know why.
    I haven’t found another source for it. If anyone else does let me know.
    If you’re going to Europe I’d suggest using Google to find potential sources. And yes if you buy it in person you’ll more than likely pay taxes. I think tax in Denmark is about 25%. This yarn inexpensive compared to most yarns sold in the US even with tax. If you find it while in Europe buy it and bring it home because it doesn’t seem very easy to come by.


  7. My Kauni cardigan yarn arrived yesterday, and oh my goodness, it’s so beautiful. I have some other projects that are close to being finished, and I’ll do them first, so I’m just going to enjoy the yarn in the skein for a little while…. until I’m going to try to resist for a little while. I’ll be checking your progress and comments often. 🙂


  8. I love your vest it looks great on you !
    I just got the wool for the kauni cardigan but have to finish some other WIP so I”ll keep an eye on yours VBG


  9. The vest is indeed beautiful. Does anyone know how it got the name Roscalie? Is this a Scottish name? It is my great grandmother’s name. All help appreciated!


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