A Kauni craze ?

KauniGosh, when I first saw this yarn on Anni’s blog, Hyldemor Knits, I knew I had to have some.

I’m pleasantly surprised at the response it’s gotten from other knitters in North America. Many are just as intrigued with this yarn and Ruth‘s pattern as I am.

It took me several months to get the gumption to order it from wollsucht.de, as I don’t speak or read German. I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re no longer shipping it to the US but I haven’t confirmed that. I had no trouble ordering it from them, although shipping from Germany seems to be quite expensive compared to other European countries.

I’ve also heard that garnbutik.dk is selling kits for the cardigan and will ship to the US. I’ve never purchased anything from this website so I can’t vouch for the service.

The colorway is EQ. They have many others.

Now, won’t somebody in the US please carry this yarn?

Or hey, this would make a great dye + spin + knit project for all you that do all three.

There’s another online shop that will ship Kauni to North America. It’s Astrid’s Dutch Obessions
and the website is in English. I haven’t ordered from her before so I
can’t vouch for the service but I have seen her postings on Knitter’s
Review under “Sales and Shop News”. I’m glad that there’s one more
source out there for us on the other side of the pond.

12 thoughts on “A Kauni craze ?

  1. Hi there – all I could hope for is that a kit might be available for all of us in the US – as you might know, I’m wayy up there on the Kauni Ruth’s cardi tree … (please check out my blog for updates –
    and very good luck to anyone who wants to make this – it’s truly easy as pie, and quite addictive!
    cheers and happy holidays,


  2. “Now, won’t somebody in the US please carry this yarn?” I ask myself this question every time I see such amazing yarn as Lorna’s Laces, Socks that Rock, Koigu and many more (I live in Germany) … But anyways, how do you like the yarn? I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I just read on someone else’s blog (or was it Flickr?) that it’s a bit scratchy. The colors are awesome though!


  3. I am looking forward to your progress. I bet the orange/blue looks fine in general context. I’m going to dye my own for this one, since I would look bad in the rainbow colours. I have Jamieson Jumper weight on order and will use Nancy Roberts’ knit fabric technique to get the colour changes right. Yours is going to be beautiful.


  4. Oh – this is great 🙂
    If you only knew how often I envy you all the interesting stuff you have in US – and now suddenly I feel a little lucky to live here in Denmark.
    Good luck with the cardi. Ruth’s pattern is so perfect and the yarn will become softer when washed.


  5. Hey Melinda! I can vouch for how soft the yarn became once I washed it and put it on the wooly board … my LYSO, Pearl at Knitty City, is thinking about trying to carry it, but I’m sure that if people can order kits for their own use from Denmark, then they should do it!
    finished product on my blog – cannot wait to see yours!


  6. Just to say that I have been buying from Astrid and receiving excellent service. I am in the UK, but I know that the bulk of her customers are Stateside. Lucky them, no VAT *sigh*
    (Astrid posts regular Special Offers on the Yahoo Group TownsendSocksKnitALong and it seems that many group members do buy from her)
    In fact – I had a hank of the Kauni EQ arrive just this morning (found your blog when trying to google up a link to post in my blog!) The colours are much less bright than I expected but I think they will show up better once knitted up. The handle is typical Shetland type and should be much softer once it has been washed. Can’t wait to knit it up but am waiting for an Interweave magazine to cross the Atlantic first…
    Hope this helps


  7. Just an endorsement from a US customer of Astrid’s (although I notice the yarn is currently on backorder on her site) – she’s fabulous to deal with. The shipping costs are – well – shipping costs, but you won’t find a lovelier person to order yarn from, and she’s got great prices on her sock yarns and the Profi circular bamboo needles she carries are a dream to knit with. Smoothest joins and flexible cables I have found yet. I was also (as one of the comments above mentioned )thinking this yarn looks a lot like the yarn Nancy Roberts makes.


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