More yarn from Denmark


The long awaited yarn came yesterday!

It’s for another design by Ruth Sørensen and available from BendixGarn. This pattern is in Danish.

Included in my package was a skein
of varigated green single strand lace-weight Evilla yarn. It was part of a trade in exchange for Socks that Rock yarn. Thanks Vivian.

Natalja asked how I like the Kauni yarn.

Well, not only do I like the colors, I even like the feel of the knitted fabric. It’s a light and soft fabric the suits my taste, but that’s my opinion. I’m not quite so particular about how soft my wool is, especially if it’s used to make a cardigan or pullover that will be worn over a shirt.

One thing that I’ve noticed about Kauni is that it can get very thin in spots. I do wish it was more consistent in thickness.

Natalja, I’m sorry to hear that it’s hard to get some North American yarns over there. This last fall I was in Barcelona and stopped by Persones Llanas. They had Lorna’s Laces.

Evilla yarn doesn’t seem quite as soft as Kauni but maybe it will get softer once it’s been washed.

June mentioned Nancy Roberts’ dye technique. I saw her article in Spin Off and immediately though of Kauni. Now that I’ve had a chance to look more closely at Kauni, I’m not sure how well Nancy’s technique would work as a way to duplicate Kauni.  She paints a knitted piece of fabric with dye. Wouldn’t that leave white spots if the the dye didn’t soak in well? Kauni, on the other hand, is probably spun from dyed wool. It’s as if the the subtle transitions from one color to the next flows so smoothly because of how the yarn is spun. These transition spots are like a marled/heathered yarn, similar to some Shetland yarns I’ve used. That’s why I mentioned that duplicating this yarn would be a good dye + spin + knit project.

5 thoughts on “More yarn from Denmark

  1. I’m glad you like the yarn. I’ve been wanting to order it myself, too, but wasn’t sure after reading it wasn’t that soft and even scratchy. However, I think that yarn was supposed to become a shawl and be worn next to skin, in which case softness is an important factor, I guess …


  2. The Evilla yarn looks wonderful – I’m personally too fluffy to wear that beautiful sweater, but I’m sure it will look fantastic on you.
    Interesting – my Kauni skeins have not had any variation in their thickness – so far, everything has been fairly even. Like you, I’m so loving making this cardigan; already on the first sleeve, which I will probably blog about later on today…


  3. I’m glad you finally got your kit!! I’m also relieved that we live close and can help one another with the Danish translation!
    Good luck on re-starting on Ruth’s cardi. I know you’ll enjoy knitting it once you are satisfied with the combinations.
    It is so much fun to see how everyone’s cardi’s turn out different, yet similar.
    Take care!


  4. This pattern inspirits me to knit something like that as I have some varigated colour yarn which is not enough for a sweater. Now, I can match it with a solid colour to knit one.


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