Color combinations

Start againI did start over again.

I tried to get the green/purple to stop at the end of the ribbing but didn’t quite make it. The purple spills over into the red section. That’s the charm of this sweater; seeing the colors morph from one to the next.

Doesn’t it look much darker this time?

Yet again I started fretting about the color combinations. To satisfy my curiosity I did a sketch with several starting points.

Color combos

Each of these sets of blocks represents three different color combinations with two yarns at different starting points. Right now I’m knitting the one on the far right and the one in the middle was my previous start. Notice that the middle one makes three unique color combinations while the one on the right has six. Of course, this is assuming that the color sequences are all the same lengths.

Here’s Evilla all wound up.


Nice colors but I think the yarn is even more rough than Kauni.

7 thoughts on “Color combinations

  1. I really love the color changes! I think you’ve hit on a winner this time, though I must say watching you work it out is part of the fun… I may have to try for a similar effect with some handspun.


  2. Wow that looks great and what a great post.
    The colors are amazing. I’m not sure how mine is turning out with regard to your color schemes. I’ll try and post photos tonight. I look forward to seeing more photos as it develops.
    That is what I love about this yarn…it can look so very differently depending upon the pairing of the colors.
    When all of us are done we need to get photos of our sweaters side by side.
    Take care!


  3. great blog post – thanks so much for the color difs. I will comment that, as you know, the main reason that the colors “run” into the next motif is due to the amount of yarn you’re using on each row. Now that I’m on the sleeves, the colors stay very nicely in their own little sections of squares… and yes, we should get pix of our sweaters next to each other – you may use any of mine that you feel like!


  4. I’d love to know where you bought your yarn — I absolutely love the colorway. You probably posted the source somewhere, but you know how that is! You do beautiful knitting!


  5. This version is beautiful too. The yarn is amazing and it’s fun to see how it knits up. I think I’d better roll up my second skein and get knitting! When I do, you’re welcome to use my pictures, too.


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