Kauni body

I kept thinking I’ve seen these squares before. It finally hit me. They’re on the  cover of a book about color theory. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the book so I can’t quite remember what it’s all about – probably color relationships.

It’s been a quick knit once I stopped trying to control the colors. Just started the extra stitches for the armholes.

Good thing it’s going quickly because I need to move on to Anne-Evilla so I can finish that by the end of May. Looks like the certificate course with Jean Wong is a go. It starts the first weekend in June and from then until next year it promises to keep me quite busy. I look forward to meeting up with knitter’s I know from Madrona’s winter retreat.

10 thoughts on “Squares

  1. I’m so proud of you for letting go of the color issues!
    I’ve actually finished mine, except for the blocking (on the wooly board) and the buttons – it just occurred to me – did either of us ever think to wash a swatch and see whether it was colorfast or not? I know I didn’t!
    anyway, back to hoping the water stops pouring from the sky –


  2. I did wash my swatch and didn’t have any trouble with the colors, although they were light ones – yellow & blue. Hopefully there’s no problem with the colors running.


  3. Oh that is coming along nicely!
    Ruth intends on coming to Seattle in October so I hope to hear more about the Nordic Heritage Museum Conference soon!
    I’m sure she would be delighted to see us wearing our sweaters!


  4. Such a striking sweater. Going with the flow is the point on this one, I think. You mentioned Jean Wong’s video. Would you please give us a review? I can’t seem to get the previews to load.


  5. Kauni is turning out beautifully. I look forward to following your progress with Jean Wong’s classes. How I wish I could take part, but the commute from Denver is a bit much!


  6. Smuddpie, I’m embarrassed to say this but I haven’t watched the video yet. I’ll watch it this week and do a review on Sunday.
    Naomi, That’s so cool that Ruth is coming. I know I’ll have the sweater done by then.


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