Shocking orange

Here’s how the cardigan looked yesterday.

I loved the first two repeats after the ribbing but had a difficult time with the orange and blue. It’s not so bad in the photo but in real life looks odd. Normally orange and blue look good together but this blue is too soft when next to this shocking orange.

Instead of taking a break and stepping away from it, I ripped it all out and started all over again; this time with purple and orange. Next time I’ll give myself a break before making such a drastic decision.

Two color ribbing is getting quite easy now that I’ve had plenty of practice. The color for the knit stitch is held in my left hand and the one for the purl stitch in my right. This is quite comfortable for me since I naturally hold yarn in my right hand when working with one color.

This week I sent in my registration for a year long intensive course with Jean Wong through Madrona Fiber Arts. I’m crossing my fingers hoping there will be enough interest or if there’s lots of interest, that I’ll get chosen to attend. We’ll be making 8 different types of garments during the year. The last one will be our own design. Yikes! Hope I can do that.

Look at this jacket (463) I found on the Bergere de France website. Interesting use of cables but I’m not sure if I like the trim.

I’m hoping that the anne-evilla kit comes this week. If it does I might have to put the cardigan aside and start  that one.

16 thoughts on “Shocking orange

  1. I agree. It would have been good to set aside and look at it again. The colours in the picture look wonderful!
    I do hope your kit comes this week, you make it and restart the cardigan with a fresh perspective.
    Easy for me to say, I also tend to get too uptight about my knitting. But after all the knitting, I want an outstanding garment!
    Thanks for the update.


  2. Set aside & look later or even knit the next section & see what it looks like against those colours. Sometimes that colour that looks brutal on it’s own perks up the whole once you get past it.


  3. Yay you! I really hope that you will get to take the class. I have really enjoyed it and I’m now on my last sweater for year one. I have learned so much!


  4. I’m sure exited to know if the kit reaches you this time (keeping fingers crossed)
    I had my book and yarn on Friday, lovely choises you’d made for me, thank you very much!
    Talk soon – I hope 😉


  5. it would be really nice without the trim – too fuzzy for me. I did the same thing (ripping without thinking it through) with my first colorwork sock. I could have kept and finished it if I just kept thinking. Stupid me….


  6. I’m shocked by the depth of my love for that sweater! The yarn in cakes was ok, but seeing it knit up has sent me over the moon. (Wouldn’t you know it would be difficult, if not impossible to come by.) And those squares — my mathematical mind does adore the squares. Thank you so much for sharing.


  7. I do love to visit your blog.
    I actually like the way your Kauni looked, but I’m betting that the re-do will be just as nice. I haven’t started mine, but will be doing it very soon.
    I took a class with Jean Wong at Madrona in 2006. Is this a class that you take in person, or can it be done via email/mail, etc? If you can do it from a distance, I’d be game. She’s a very good, thorough, teacher and I would love to learn more from her. I’ll be back at Madrona in 2008.
    As for the jacket…. darn it all to *&^%. I’m designing a sweater that’s very similar, without the trim. I’m going to have to forget it or make major changes. I’d hate to be accused of copying a design. I’m glad that you pointed it out and saved me some future embarrassment.


  8. Oh, this Kauni yarn is crazy. Now I regret ripping it out. I might just start at the same place again.
    Joanne, the class is being offered in a town outside Seattle. We’ll be meeting about once a month on a Saturday and Sunday for one year. She’s not offering it via the email/mail.
    Karen – glad to hear one more person signed up. I wonder if they’ll have any trouble getting enough students.


  9. I had similar issues in the frogging department. Mine was with the cast on edge. I completely ripped out after 3 pattern repeats. Now I’m back where I was initially before I completely frogged, this time having cast on doubling the yarn. I don’t like it either but Ryan at Ferals tonight had me look at it from a distance and…it looks fine.
    I went with the Knitting Goddess approach to start the sweater. I just started it where the two skeins ended up starting after I wound the yarn. I didn’t try to pair up the colors in any deliberate way. I’ll post pics on my blog later this week. See what you think.
    As you know I, too, sent my $$ in for the Jean Wong class. I just hope the class is a go! Missed you at Ferals tonight.


  10. Your sweater and yarn are breathtaking. Please divulge the source of the pattern and the yarn. I looked at the Danish website link, but didn’t find either. I’ll be avidly looking at posts of progress! What a show!


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