Pick up and knit

Collar done

I followed PGR on the ribbing, “pick up one stitch at the end of each of two rows, skip one row, and repeat”.

Starting at center front and using alternating colors, knit the first six extra stitches (steeks stitches) and the next 17 from stitch holder. Pick up and knit 36 stitches (two sts out of three rounds) along left side, knit 34 stitches from holder along back, pick up and knit 37 stitches along right side, knit 17 stitches from holder and then the remaining 7 extra stitches. There is now a total of 154 stitches (141 + 13 extra stitches) on the needle. Work K1,P1 ribbing for 8 rounds but knit the steek stitches. Knit last round with one color and then firmly cast off knitwise with that color.

Initially I did have the same thought about ribbing that Deborah R. mentioned. I measured the gap along the side where I needed to pick up stitches and came up with 17cm. I then laid my ruler across the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater and counted 17cm worth of ribbing stitches. I came up with 43 stitches and then did some math.

17 + 43 + 34 + 43 + 17 = 154 + 13 stitch stitches = 167 stitches total.

Yikes! That seemed like too much. I then checked a few patterns with similar collars (taking into account differences in gauge) and decide on the previous route to avoid getting a floppy collar. Yes, it does look a little floppy in the front but that’s were the button band is going. and besides I tried on the sweater and it looks great.

Deborah, Mt Mom, I didn’t even think of picking up new steek stitches for the collar! Yes, I see how that would also work. Thanks for the suggestion.

Check out Ruth’s current design project – the 4 seasons.

5 thoughts on “Pick up and knit

  1. it’s looking really wonderful – and I’m so psyched to get that pattern of Ruth’s – my lys in nyc Knitty City is expecting a decent amount of Kauni effektgarn soonly, and I’ve already put in my order for some of the green and another skein of the regenbogen to make that – the kauni people sent a long a poster of that sweater with their color cards, so I’ve been coveting it for a while now – I will send an e-mail to Ruth to see when and if she’s going to publish the pattern.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend; even though it’s the “official” start of summer, I’m still knitting sweaters…


  2. The neck looks so good. I am so glad you did not pull out the sleeves.
    What a design on that link! But you know I prefer the ‘mandemodel’ she shows in a previous few entries. I just wish it was in english, but those colours are just stunning, in any case.


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