Really, I mean no harm. Trust me.

Chasing woolJust two days after I got home from my trip to Shetland (now two weeks ago) my sister called and asked if she, her kids and my mother could come visit the following weekend. My nephew had qualified for a regional track meet in this area and wanted to drop by. That was last weekend. Last Sunday, I just barely found time to load the first days worth of pictures from our trip.

This week I was desperately finishing my homework for the Nihon Vogue classes with Jean. I was in good shape until Tuesday when I noticed that I had incorrectly redrawn my vest pattern. Wednesday I went to monthly guild meeting. Thursday I started drawing the vest pattern over one more time. I also started feeling a cold coming on. Friday I stayed up late knitting another swatch for class. Today and yesterday I’ve been in class all day.

The Sudafed has worn off and I’m wiped out.

I managed to load more photos of my Shetland trip  this evening but that’s about all I can manage. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more energy to write.

The above photo was taken in the Highlands at Leault Farm. I think this pet lamb was a bit suspicious of my motives.

7 thoughts on “Really, I mean no harm. Trust me.

  1. Thanks sooo much for sharing your photos. Shetland is as beautiful as I imagined and I’m rather jealous 🙂 Mrs Brown’s swatches are amazing – it’s like a chronicle of her adult life in little fibre squares. Wonderful. I know I’m going to have to go back and have another look!


  2. Thank you for posting the photos! I can.not.believe.those.swatches! OMG, amazing.
    Seeing them does provide inspiration and makes me want to cast on for some fair isle but…no! We have Nihon Vogue hoomework!!!!


  3. Loved looking at those pictures — the scenery is breathtaking and those swatches were stunning – I gasped at each drawer of them. Thanks for sharing!


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