A few more photos

National Museum of Scotland

While in Edinburgh we visited the National Museum of Scotland which had an excellent display of textile machinery and a small display of Fair Isle knits. Click on the photo to enter my photo gallery.

I’ve also included several photos taken outside Joyce Forsyth‘s shop. We happened across her shop while wandering the streets. Her garments are amazing.

Joyce Forsyth

Yes, I am still knitting. I just finished the knitting portion of my Nihon Vogue homework for the next class. We’re working on three garments; a top-down raglan, a round-neck vest and a round-neck pullover. All are in various stages. Unlike most of the other students, mine are in plain old stockinette stitch. Yes, it’s boring but it’s been a busy summer so keeping these first three garments simple has helped me keep my sanity. But, at this point I’m bored to tears and need to find a stitch pattern or colorwork for the next garment. a v-neck pullover with 1×1 rib.

4 thoughts on “A few more photos

  1. Wow, those Joyce F. garments *are* amazing! Looks like the jackets are knit side-to-side with colored short-rows to make the bottoms flare — yes? And such subtle, intricate color-patterning in the large “plain” areas, too! I am impressed.
    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying your trip photos. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Just beautiful photo’s! I’m just hooked on stranded knitting right now, it’s just all I really want to knit at the moment. I’ve got a top down version of a kauni going, and since I’ve started that I’m just interested in all these other designs I’ve been seeing. Colorwork opens up a whole new world of knitting once you get brave enough to try it 😉


  3. Deborah – Yes Joyce’s garments are amazing. Yes, It looks like the jackets are knit side to side with short rows. I especially like the tone-on-tone color work of the sweaters.
    She does these garments on a knitting machine that’s right there in the shop. We stopped n but she wasn’t in that day.
    Danielle – I don’t think I’d be as interested in knitting if there wasn’t colorwork.
    Maybe this week I can find time to start swatching Arabesque (by Jade).


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