Three garments in progress

Nihon Vogue class

We just completed our third session and have three garments in
progress. I’m itching to complete at least one of these since it’s not in my nature to have so many going at once but alas I have to wait
until the next class.

Besides many other things, this weekend we tried memorizing an invisible bind off for 1×1 rib (in the round).

Invisible bind off

I just kept muttering my own mantra  …

– knitwise, pull stitch off , enter next knit stitch purlwise and pull through
– purl stitch purlwise, pull off and yarn through,  from back to front between knit and purl stitch, into purl stitch knitwise and pull yarn through
– repeat

… and before I knew it my ribbing was done.

Hopefully I’ll remember this when I get to the cuffs, if not I’ll pull out Jean’s DVD.

My projects aren’t much to look at –  just plain old stockinette stitch. The challenging part is drawing the patterns correctly, writing legible notes and doing the calculations correctly .

top downvestroundneck pullover

Cascade 200 heather
Vest: Rowan  Felted Tweed
Round-neck Pullover: Panda Cotton

Next garment will be V-neck pullover. Yarn and stitch pattern for that one is still up in the air.

3 thoughts on “Three garments in progress

  1. I’m very impressed by your hard work, and it’s not in my nature at all either (as hard as I’ve tried) to have many projects on the go at once. Usually, I’m committed to one project at a time until I’m finished. At times I will have two, but that’s usually all I can manage at once. I’m too boring I guess LOL 🙂 Keep up the good work, class looks very interesting and challenging.


  2. I am very much enjoying reading about your experience of the Nihon Vogue course, it looks like it covers a multitude of useful and interesting things. You mentioned Jean’s DVD and I was wondering where one can obtain it? Thanks.


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