Herringbone mystery

Racket scarf from Ninian

That herringbone stitch I came across while shopping at Ninian haunted me until I purchased this Racket scarf from them. It has the same pattern.

With a closer view you can perhaps make out the zig-zag traveling stockinette stitches. It looks the same on both sides so it’s some sort of interlocking double knit stitch. It’s still a mystery to me how this is done. I couldn’t find it in any stitch book and haven’t found time to decipher it. I’m pretty sure it’s machine made.

Check out the cute tag on the side.

6 thoughts on “Herringbone mystery

  1. Its “racked rib”, knitted on a machine. The racking handle moves the front bed of the machine one stitch to the left or right according to the direction you want to move the stitch in. She would probably move 5 times to the right and then 5 times to the left. Repeating until the length required was reached. Even on a machine this is quite time consumeing, but can be done much more quickly using a power frame machine. If hand knitting could try a traveling stitch moving only the knit stitches. Not quite the same, but could be similar.
    p.s. Nice to see photos of your visit to our cold and windy isles.


  2. I was just playing around with this by hand.
    I was able to recreate something that looks somewhat like the picture you have.
    k1,p1 across
    Left Twist across
    p1,k1 across
    k1, Left Twist across to 1 st, p
    k1, p1 across
    p1, Right Twist across to 1 st, k
    p1, k1 across
    right twist across
    I worked the left twists by as cables w/o cable needle, and the right twists as knit second stitch, then purl 1st stitch.


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