An odd sight

Sheep in woodsThis afternoon we took a short drive over to the east side of the mountains to look for chanterelle mushrooms and came across this ram standing near the side of a small dirt road, tied to a small tree. A couple of guys with an odd trailer were not far away talking to people in a car. I tried asking about it but didn’t get much of a response. I don’t think the guy spoke English. What an odd sight.

Thanks to everyone for all the info and suggestions concerning the herringbone stitch. I wish I had more time to sit down and figure it out but things got hectic this week. Besides getting a bit frantic with my Nihon Vogue homework, Mittens had to be taken to the vet after I discovered blood in her urine. She’s now on antibiotics for a bacterial infection. I hope I caught it soon enough so that it doesn’t get worse.

Raglan_one_sleeve_2It’s been two weeks since the last Nihon Vogue class and I’ve only managed to finish one sleeve on the raglan.

Just as I was about to finish both sleeves last week I happened to read over my notes and was horrified to find I had jotted down the underarm decreases incorrectly. After correcting my notes I ripped back to the underarm and I started the left sleeve for the second time.  It was going well until I reached the last row and realized I was off by one stitch. Darn it! I should have double checked the stitch count after picking up the armhole stitches. Not knowing the consequences of turning in a project that was off one stitch, I went ahead and ripped out the sleeve again. I’m now back on track and should have the right sleeve done in the next few days.



8 thoughts on “An odd sight

  1. The raglan is looking perfect! I feel your pain. Mine is much better now also. I mis-judged how loose I wanted the finished wrist measurement and when I changed that, recalc’d and re-knit, Nihon related life is much better now!
    Been thinking about Mittens. Hope she is doing much better. Gail is always good for medical related feedback!
    How funny about that ram!! Did you get lots of mushrooms? Yum!
    See you tonight? Remember its a special night – Elemental Affects will be there! (tempt, tempt)


  2. It’s amazing how much a person is willing to rip out for Jean. I just love reliving my process through yours. Keep it up – aren’t you just loving the class? I love the ram too!


  3. You know, your attention to detail and thoughtfulness and care in garment construction is a real inspiration to me. I’m thinking of this craft in a whole new dimension after meeting feral folks only a few months ago. I’m learning so much!!! Thank you!
    Best wishes for Mittens.


  4. Hope Mittens is feeling better. Sorry to hear about your homework mishaps. Frogging is bad enough when it’s for fun, but when you have to do it because it’s an assignment–that’s harsh, and twice at that!


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