Mittens is home


Thanks for all your healing thoughts.

Turns out Mittens had bladder stones that had to be removed immediately.
Now she’s back from her four day stay at the vet.

Poor girl has to wear this collar for a couple of weeks and is now on a special diet (forever). I thought I was feeding her quality food but …

It’s a good thing we caught the problem when we did and she’s now on the mend.

Seems as if Sophie forgot she has a sister so I’m running around trying keep them both civil.

9 thoughts on “Mittens is home

  1. Oh, poor baby… I hope she gets back to normal quickly and that you can free her from that collar soon. I had one of my cats in a collar like that for three days once and they were truly interminable, miserable days for him.
    Good luck!


  2. Oh the poor dear! I am glad you have her home – hope she heals fast. She is a beautiful cat. My one dog had to wear a E collar for about 3 weeks – was not a fun time.
    Healing thoughts!!


  3. Oh, poor thing! I hope she’s better quickly, and that the collar isn’t too bad. When I had a cat (and the cat had to wear a collar), I would take it off sometimes when I could supervise him, just to give him a break from it. I think they find it hard to eat with it on.


  4. Poor Mittens! She’s going to be so happy when that collar comes off but I’m sure she’s glad to be back home. Does she have to eat that icky ID diet food now?


  5. Poor little thing. It’s bad enough for a dog to have to wear an E-collar, but it’s just torturous for cat to be in one. Hope she’s well soon.


  6. I’m glad to see Mittens is on the mend. I just hope her recovery goes quicker than expected so she can ditch the collar!
    I know from experience how much better my baby is doing being on a new food. Although he was on the premium, premium food, it just wasn’t right for him. So I know the food can make all the difference!
    Hope to see you soon!


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