A new skin

HouseI’m sitting here in a cold house with my warmest sweater and fingerless gloves on. No heat for a few days while the house gets a new skin. Kind of a crazy thing to do in early winter! The cats are freaked out by all the noise but I think they’ll survive.

I’m making up lost time with my homework.

The bottom-up raglan is ready for class.

The puffy sleeves are about to be sewn on the body. Here’s a close up of the hem.  I took out the provisional cast on, knitted a few rows and then grafted the edge to the backside through the purl bumps.

The dolman is started (no photo) but not much progress. Getting going on that one is a bit daunting after reading all the questions posed by classmates on our Yahoo group. I don’t think I can concentrate on it without heat.

By the way, that book called “The Complete Book of Traditional Guernsey and Jersey Knitting” was written by Rae Compton. It’s a nice short read packed with tons of information about various ganseys from all over Britian and Scotland. It’s got me thinking about the one we’ll be knitting for class.

4 thoughts on “A new skin

  1. Brrrrrr…makes me colder just thinking about it! If I turned my heat off right now our pipes would freeze. Of course, it is 23 degrees up here in the Rockies. The face lift on the house will look nice!


  2. I love the hem on the sweater. I just guess I had never thought about all the neat ways you can ‘end’ the piece. That is so simple and very elegant – definitely fitting for that sweater! I can see why you love the class, even with the ‘pain’ of have-to knitting!


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