Perfect day for a run


I did it and survived, my first running event ever!

Actually it was tons of fun and a perfect day to celebrate weeks of training. The weather was fantastic – 50F, a bit foggy with light mist.

On the way to the starting line I caught up with some acquaintances, seasoned marathon runners, who answered my novice questions.  I hadn’t planned on starting with others but was glad to have the company.

I accomplished my two goals, run without stopping (no matter how slow) and cross the finish line within 3.5 hours.  The last mile was difficult but the inspiring view of the Space Needle and Memorial Stadium (finish line) kept me motivated.

Thanks to everyone that kept me going by asking about my training and the race.

Today I took the day off to recuperate and happened upon these finds at a local used bookstore.

15 thoughts on “Perfect day for a run

    I had such a fun time doing the run on Sunday and I did look for you but to no avail. With that many people, it’s hard to spot people 🙂
    You did awesome and it was the perfect day for a race.


  2. I thought of you on Sunday, sending good wishes. I’m so happy you were so successful.
    About those books….what bookstore??? What a find!


  3. Congratulations!!! Vancouver half/full marathon is coming up in May! (Just giving you something to think about). BTW….what bookstore??? See you next weekend.


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