Stash enhancement?

We’ve invested in a few head of Suffolk sheep.


The girls are very cute and quite friendly.

Not sure if they’ll be providing wool for a future knitting project … they’re mainly my husband’s summer endeavor. He’s been watching too many Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall TV shows lately.


The trip over the mountains provide ample time to catch up on the gansey. The back is nearly done.

This week I’ll be working on the last half of the front.


Thanks to a knitting angel I have replacement row counter that fits in my little knitting kit.
Thanks so much!

6 thoughts on “Stash enhancement?

  1. How can sheep be a “summer endeavor”?
    Seeing your Gansey makes me think of doing one myself. . . . How tight have you had to make the gauge to get the stitches to stand out enough for easy visibility? Dread of long rounds/row of tight knitting is the one thing that holds me back.


  2. Your gansey is stunning! Sheep for a “summer endeavour” now that’s an interesting way to mow the lawn through the summer months!! Enjoy them and best of luck with them.


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