Kauni body

I kept thinking I’ve seen these squares before. It finally hit me. They’re on the  cover of a book about color theory. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the book so I can’t quite remember what it’s all about – probably color relationships.

It’s been a quick knit once I stopped trying to control the colors. Just started the extra stitches for the armholes.

Good thing it’s going quickly because I need to move on to Anne-Evilla so I can finish that by the end of May. Looks like the certificate course with Jean Wong is a go. It starts the first weekend in June and from then until next year it promises to keep me quite busy. I look forward to meeting up with knitter’s I know from Madrona’s winter retreat.

Color combinations

Start againI did start over again.

I tried to get the green/purple to stop at the end of the ribbing but didn’t quite make it. The purple spills over into the red section. That’s the charm of this sweater; seeing the colors morph from one to the next.

Doesn’t it look much darker this time?

Yet again I started fretting about the color combinations. To satisfy my curiosity I did a sketch with several starting points.

Color combos

Each of these sets of blocks represents three different color combinations with two yarns at different starting points. Right now I’m knitting the one on the far right and the one in the middle was my previous start. Notice that the middle one makes three unique color combinations while the one on the right has six. Of course, this is assuming that the color sequences are all the same lengths.

Here’s Evilla all wound up.


Nice colors but I think the yarn is even more rough than Kauni.

Shocking orange

Here’s how the cardigan looked yesterday.

I loved the first two repeats after the ribbing but had a difficult time with the orange and blue. It’s not so bad in the photo but in real life looks odd. Normally orange and blue look good together but this blue is too soft when next to this shocking orange.

Instead of taking a break and stepping away from it, I ripped it all out and started all over again; this time with purple and orange. Next time I’ll give myself a break before making such a drastic decision.

Two color ribbing is getting quite easy now that I’ve had plenty of practice. The color for the knit stitch is held in my left hand and the one for the purl stitch in my right. This is quite comfortable for me since I naturally hold yarn in my right hand when working with one color.

This week I sent in my registration for a year long intensive course with Jean Wong through Madrona Fiber Arts. I’m crossing my fingers hoping there will be enough interest or if there’s lots of interest, that I’ll get chosen to attend. We’ll be making 8 different types of garments during the year. The last one will be our own design. Yikes! Hope I can do that.

Look at this jacket (463) I found on the Bergere de France website. Interesting use of cables but I’m not sure if I like the trim.

I’m hoping that the anne-evilla kit comes this week. If it does I might have to put the cardigan aside and start  that one.

Kauni here I come

Kauni Cardigan

Here’s my entry into the Kauni world. The yarn sat for a few days before I could decide what cast on to use and where to start with the color sequence.


It’s a cable cast on with the first row of  knit 1 purple, knit 1 green. The second row is knit 1 purple, purl 1 green. Knitting the first row in alternating colors avoids leaving that odd looking line that can show in the purl part of the rib. That happens if the cast on color is different that the purl color. The bottom edge does curl oh so slightly but will lay flat when washed and dressed on the woolly board.

Popped by a few yarn stores yesterday and was introduced to Jitterbug. An interesting sock yarn that reminds me of Socks that Rock (STR). Maybe not the colors but the type of yarn and sheen is very similar.


I was in a STR quest yesterday that took me to Tricoter for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised to find the staff very friendly and helpful.

Still waiting for my Anne-Evilla kit. It could be almost anywhere because I messed up my order by mistyping my address. There’s no such building at the address I entered; just an empty lot. Perhaps the girls at the strip club next to the lot got it, but I don’t have the courage to go over there to ask. Or maybe it went to the car repair place run by Ukrainian immigrants. I called the post office and they said it’s probably on it’s way back to Denmark. Now I’m in negotiations for another kit.

Roscalie Vest


It’s done. I’m happy!

If I had it to do over there’s are two changes I would have changed.

1. Work the decreases at the v-neck and under arms the opposite way as Eunny describes here. I remember reading about this in Anne Feitelson’s book but forgot until I pulled out her book to refresh my memory on tacking down the cut seams. Mine are OK and many folks won’t notice a difference. I checked Starmore’s book on this but found nothing.

2. Go down one needle size. My swatch was right on but overall I’m slightly off gauge.

What’s next?

The Kauni cardigan by Ruth of course. Here’s the swatch. Don’t look to closely because I made a few mistakes while reading the chart. It’s pretty much on gauge with 3.5 mm needles.


All wound and ready to go. An alternative cure for seasonal affective disorder.