Knitting slow down

SocksFor the past week I’ve been carrying these socks around pretending that I have a project in progress. For now I’ll go with the flow. That probably means not much will get done in the next few weeks before NV starts again. Even though I haven’t been knitting I’ve been earnestly thinking and researching designs to use in upcoming projects.

Shaped lace tee swatches

Tshirt_swatch Yesterday I jogged 11 miles and it took forever. Had just enough energy to eat dinner and then promptly fell asleep on the couch while watching TV.

Earlier this week I knitted a couple of swatches for my next project, Krista. I’ll modify it so that I can use it for my first project of year two (Nihon Vogue). Besides making necessary adjustments for my measurements, I’ll be adding poofy sleeves (a class requirement).

The first yarn is Classic Elite Provence. Not sure if I like it. Love the off-white creamy color but the yarn is a bit stiff. The stockinette part looks ok but the decreases stick out giving me the impression that the lace pattern in Krista might not look good with this yarn.


The other yarn is Panda Silk DK. A lovely bamboo, wool, silk mix with perfect drape. I’d love to use it but despite what the label says, it knits up like a fingering weight yarn. This time I’m staying away from fingering weight.

What I really want is a cotton silk blend that’s not too expensive.




Finally a picture. Really it’s not an easy thing to do with a
disinterested photographer. Got to go back to taking my own photos.

After all that whining I ended up signing up for year two. Classes start first weekend in October. I’m trying to remember all the projects we’ll be doing. Here’s a list but it might not be accurate.

puffy sleeves
dolman sleeve
raglan strip
crochet collar

Lots of traditional garments. Makes one wonder what techniques we’ll be using and whether Jean’s/Nihon Vogue’s will be much different.

There’s so little time to get non-knitting projects finished. Just went to the fabric store yesterday and picked up fabric to redo some chair cushions.

I’m still jogging. Nine miles for my long run last weekend. This weekend I get to take it easy, only six miles.

Final project redux


Gosh, last week sure went fast. Too much to do and so little time.

I only managed to rip out both lapels and re-knit one. Sorry that  I gave the impression that I was going to reconfigure collar/lapels, but actually I’m just redoing what I did before but this time with more care.

After I knit the other lapel I’ll sew the top of each lapel to the collar (where the ends near the neck line meet) for a few inches. That might help give the lapels more stability.

One thing I’ve learned from this project is that 2×2 rib and notched collars don’t go well together. This ribbing has a tendency to bunch up, making the top edge pull in and also sag.

I still haven’t definitively figured out why mistaken rib wouldn’t work with short rows. I’ve been meaning to give it a try but … can’t find the time. This weekend I mentioned the mistake rib thing to another very knowledgeable student and her conclusion was that in certain patterns short rows might make columns of stitches become unaligned. Makes sense but I think I still need to try it out to fully understand.

Oh and for inquiring minds, those things in the bowls (last week) were morel mushrooms. We ended up drying all of them. Eventually they’ll end up in  soups, pasta and risotto.


socks in progress

Friday we headed north and spent three days backpacking near the Canadian border. While I did take a sock project that has been on hold for the past year (the bag in the foreground),I only managed to knit a few rows before stopping to ponder how I’m going to work the traditional heels backwards.


Here’s proof that I made it to the border after bushwhacking off trail through the forest (hence the mosquito net and jacket). There are no signs,  just an odd looking clear-cut path through the forest. Funny thing is … although we didn’t run into border patrol at the border, one guy was hanging out in his Jeep at trail head when we left Sunday. He asked about the bugs and mentioned they’d be going up there on horses soon.


And look what we found! 5.2 pounds … a personal record.

Graduation day

CertificateWhat a day!

At least five hours of furious knitting in a final push to complete my final project .

It was truly my knitting Olympics moment.

My needles kept flying as several students received their certificates.

About a half hour after later, I finished the last stitch on my project.

Jean  patiently  stuck with me even though nearly all the other students had packed up and left.


I’m so happy to have completed the class but to be honest not so thrilled with the way the lapels turned out on the final project. I’ll be reworking them in the next couple of weeks and will hopefully have more time to describe how I worked the collars (lots of short rows) and snap a final picture of me wearing the garment.

Today I jogged 7.5 miles without worrying about homework!

Madly knitting …

Final_almost_doneIt was too hot this weekend to wear anything under this cardigan, even just for a quick snapshot.

Only the collar is left.

Tonight I’ll update my design notebook with info about the crochet project and v-neck cardigan.

I’m printing out photos now.

Only four more days!

I hope I can make it.

Name this stitch

Latvian mitten band

Have any idea what this stitch is called?

It’s ribbing on a mitten in the Latvian exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Michale, Naomi and I took a break from knitting to see the mittens on display. They’re all truly amazing.

Work continues on the NV final project.

Did I say how glad I was that I chose simple stitch patterns?

Today I’m finishing the right front so that I can start sewing all the pieces together tomorrow.


With fingers crossed flying, I’m hoping to get it done before class in a couple of weeks.

Besides knitting I’ve been busy jogging. Yesterday was a milestone – six miles! Won’t mention how long it took.

I’m following a marathon training schedule. Who knows, maybe I’ll run a marathon in 2009. Can’t be any more difficult then finishing my NV homework.

Plugging along

Final project progressThanks for all the kind comments and encouragement. Everything came to a head last week. It’s so easy to get caught up in getting these projects finished that other responsibilities get neglected. After much reflection, the answer is to make sure to maintain proper balance and not go overboard.

I’ve been forging ahead on the final project managing to nearly complete three pieces of the final project – two sleeves and the back.  I would have like to have designed a more complicated garment but considering the time frame (five weeks) stockinette and 2×2 ribbing will have to suffice.

The most complicated part of this garment will be the notched collar attached to the diagonal openings of the two front pieces. I had hoped to use mistaken rib for the ribbing portions but Jean said it wouldn’t work well with the short rows that will be used when working the collars. She suggested switching to 2×2 rib instead. I’m don’t quite understand why short rows only work with certain stitch patterns but I’ll soon find out.